N.P Huascaran,Ancash,Peru-Laguna Parun-רכסי האנדים מצפון ללימה,פרו-טיול עצאי ל

Alley in Caraz

pre inka observation

On 30 August, i asked about Lake Parun. No agent offered this trip. So I took a miniwan from Huaraz (1.5 hours) and arrived lovley Caraz. In the town no bus can move. Around the main
square i found easily some hostels. i chooze Hostal Chavin , since it fill like home. One couple oparet it and maybe thats why they can hardly fix their water problems. Any way, 10 min away by walk , crossing the big city market you can found the parking for private cars wich cxan take you to the up to the lake (2.5 hours). cost is for one 90 SOL, for two 100 for three 120 ...1 km away from the city you can find pre inka chavin. Actually it is a point view
to observe 360 around you. The pre inka archeology staff are interesting but there is no much to look, you need 30 min to be there.

The Way to Lake Parun ,( specially all the way back down) is really one of the most views
all over my trip: endless vallyes, shaped mountains with many falls and farmy life.
In this day me and my freind were the only tourists doing their way to and in the lake.
old farmy life in the way to lake parun

the way to lake parun

valley -down from Parun lake

Well, we start walking into (around) the lake. It became very cold, ice falled like a rain, and far away it looked very foggy. The road around is only go and back (1 hour each way) and no too wide.
It loog like a place wich nobody was ther before, the mountains around looked very scary since they surrounded you all over. Left of you is also rock of mountain wich don't let you space to move and in the right side is the lake. Only now i could understand
why it is not so popular (ad not freindly for tour). I cover my head with the nylon bag and keep going not let the atmosphere prevement me make my day.

lake parun

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