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Lametayel Group is the largest group in Israel in the fields of travel information and equipment. The Group operates a chain of 26 centres for travelers, that are acknowledged as the biggest and most professional in their field, as well as a number of websites, foremost of which is the Lametayel Website. This is the biggest and most popular travelling and tourism website in Israel, and is also an insurance agency, specializing in health and travelling insurance.

The Lametayel Website

The Lametayel Website was created in 1999 and has become over time Israel's leading travel website, with over 500,000 pages of travel information. On average, the Lametayel websites are visited by 120,000-130,000 unique users per day ! A large team of content writers and professionals in the field of tourism add and update the information to the website, based on their own personal knowledge and experience, and in collaboration with various tourist ministries and travel companies from all over the world.

Our loyal Writers and Bloggers

As a large part of the website is dedicated to user generated content, also in this field the Lametayel website is known as the biggest and best in Israel. Hundreds of travel blogs and tips are added by our loyal users and travel bloggers.

In addition to the main Lametayel Website, there are also a number of focused niche sites:
Tiuli – A website dedicated to travelling and hiking in Israel. As the country's leading website in this field, Tiuli has recommendations about attractions and hiking trails in Israel, in addition to interactive maps, flora reports etc. The website operates a popular iPhone and Android application, which has been downloaded over 130,000 times.
Afty – A website aimed at backpackers, which gathers all useful and important information for this particular type of traveler, presented in the most efficient and convenient way.
Lametayel Families – A website aimed at families, which includes useful information and recommendations for popular travel destinations for families.
Lametayel Shelleg – Israel's main ski and snowboard enthusiasts' website, offering useful information on popular ski resorts, weather and snow reports and expert opinions etc.
Lametayel E-Commerce – Israel's leading search-and-compare engine for tourism services, includes flights, hotels and organized tours. The Market offers the users an opportunity to find, compare and order the best online deals:

Booking hotels abroad: an aggregator that searches through 104 hotel booking websites from all over the world and connects the user to the most relevant websites.

Booking flights: presents flight options and prices from leading operators from Israel and around the world.

Booking attractions tickets and skipping the line: through an exclusive cooperation in Israel with the International supplier Ticket Bar, we offer the opportunity to order and receive online tickets to various attractions and services, in various destinations.

Ordering travel insurance: Offers the best prices for different types of travel insurance.

Some data about the Lametayel Websites:

Over 1,000 new messages are posted daily to the forum's system!

Over 220,000 people receive one of our weekly newsletters, each one of them featuring a selection of articles.

Hundreds of tips are uploaded by users to our tip system every day.

Lametayel is one of the most predominant travel websites on Google in Israel, in regards to search terms concerning travels.

18.8% of the users are between 18-24 years old.

28.5% of the users are between 25-34 years old.

18.75% of the users are between 35-44 years old.

15.75% of the users are between 45-54 years old.

18.2% of the users are over 55 years old.

The Lametayel Website is the best way for service providers and international tourism organizations to reach an Israeli audience. Want to collaborate with us? Contact us!

Lametayel's Travel Centres

Lametayel has 26 travel centres, which are spread throughout major cities around the country. These centres are aimed at travelers and backpackers and are staffed by experienced and professional people in the field. With around 2 million visitors every year, the travel centres function as a "one-stop-shop" for their customers, offering a wide variety of travelling equipment, as well as travel books and useful lectures.
One of the Lametayel centersOne of the Lametayel centers

Lametayel on Social Media

Lametayel Group takes pride in providing up to date and current information on various platforms, including social media. There are over 210,000 members on both of our vibrant Facebook pages: Lametayel and Tiuli. In addition, Lametayel also has an Instagram channel and a YouTube channel.

Other activities of Lametayel Group:

Health insurance: With twenty years' experience and over 1 million people insured – Lametayel's Insurance Company specializes in providing different types of travel insurance, including a large support system as well as search and rescue services.

International Communication: Lametayel offers a unique SIM card which allows you to talk and surf the Net all over the world.
Investments and other companies: Lametayel has other companies which deal with investments and real estate.

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